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A Border village comes to Centre: Nanke Angarkata

A village with meagre population at the Indo-Bhutan Border is lavish by natural view but local brethren always felt marginalized. Women carrying headloads for carrying water from distant terrains and local relying heavily on bottled water for drinking purpose was a common view of the village. Drudgery was high for women, children education was compromised resulting in high drop outs, frequent expenditure on medical facilities because of consumption of unsafe drinking water are some of the features with which the village was known for.

With the advent of Jal Jeevan Mission scheme in the village, a Functional Household Tap Connection was ensure to each family but the demand for contribution snatched the expected shine from the faces. SFARD, then took the initiative and mobilized the community. Mass mobilization as well as Personal Contacts were done. Village level committee formed and a system is developed to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the Water supply system in the village.

The villagers are contributing towards water tariff and each of the Family is ensured with Drinkable water at doorstep. “We always felt of being neglected because of being a border village. We never expected any benefit from any stakeholder. But now, with this water supply at our home, we are feeling as being shifted to Capital of India” says a group of women with broad smile on their face.

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