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Sushila Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Development, an accomplished registered NGO, has diligently served for a decade, striving to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in rural contexts. Under visionary leadership, our skilled team pioneers innovative approaches, setting benchmarks in development. We collaborate with varied entities, including Government Departments, Ministries, Corporates, and NGOs, facilitating effective on-ground actions for goal achievement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a peaceful, prosperous, happy community for sustained development process by participatory mechanism of development particularly for the poor, women, farmers, landless etc. Our organization realizes if that in all development and active participation is essential for sustainability of the programs and balanced development

Our Mission

Our mission is to aware, motivate and organize poor people to get the entitlement of socio economic, cultural and political rights to live with dignity and play a vital role in nation building process

Our Values

Empathy with the poor, Pluralism, Quality and Excellence, Secularism, Integrity, Human Capital


Operational Reach:

SFARD's Extensive Footprint in Rural India

SFARD boasts a rich history of expertise in rural development planning, implementation, and collaboration with diverse agencies. With a nationwide presence, our impactful initiatives span various corners of the country. From North to South, East to West, SFARD serves and uplifts rural communities, leaving a positive mark through dedicated plantation and developmental efforts.

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Empowered by Our Sponsors

At SFARD, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible sponsors who make our extensive work across rural India possible. Their unwavering support fuels our initiatives, creating a positive impact in every corner of the nation. Together, we're driving change, fostering growth, and transforming lives in rural communities.

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