About Us

Sushila Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Development is a multidimensional registered (NGO) paying its services, relentlessly, for about last one decade aiming to meet Sustainable Development Goals in different paradigm of the society, especially the rural one. The organization is professionally managed with young and experienced sagacious team under leadership of visionary management. The organization is marked outstanding in the sector with its innovative and effective approaches. SFARD is known for setting various milestones in creating exemplary works being followed in the development spectrum. SFARD is applauded not only by the section at the bottom of the pyramid but also by the agencies in the sector. Different agencies as Government Departments, Ministries, Corporates, NGOs, Independent Agencies, etc. are also supported in grounding effective actions on field which ensure meeting respective goals. The organization is having expertise in the field of Holistic Village Development, Integrated Watershed Development, Sustainable Agriculture Promotion, Forest Restoration, NRM, Tribal Upliftment, On Farm and Off Farm Collective Livelihood promotion, Environment and Sanitation Upgradation, Women Empowerment, Institutions Promotion Resource Support to Agencies and other development programs. SFARD has been meeting its goal of poverty eradication through planning, implementing & expansion to various result oriented projects though support and with its own resources.

Our Journey

For over a decade, Sushila Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Development (SFARD) has been a driving force in sustainable community development.

With a dynamic team of visionary leaders and a portfolio of innovative initiatives, SFARD has continuously set new benchmarks in holistic village development, natural resource management, and socio-economic empowerment.

Guided by our core values and a spirit of collaboration, we have transformed lives, created lasting impact, and championed positive change across diverse sectors, earning recognition from both grassroots communities and key stakeholders alike.

Goals and Objective

We are dedicated to effective natural resource management, socio-economic advancement, health and sanitation improvement, quality education provision, and empowering marginalized groups like children, the handicapped, women, and the underprivileged through cultural development.


Management Structure

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